7 diy Valentines decor ideas

Love is in the air…

If you’ve followed me for a while now, or know me at all then you’ll know that I love any excuse to decorate, especially if it’s themed. It will come as no surprise to so, that I am all about pink and heart themed decorations this month, the month of love, for Valentines. 

Valentines isn’t exactly a huge celebration worth spending much of your hard earned cash on, so that’s why once again I’m sharing DIY decor ideas that are budget friendly, simple and chic. 

A lot of the ideas below require things that you will probably already have in your house and kitchen, and many of them are baking ideas that can double as table decorations for a Galentines get-together, brunch or afternoon tea party – because valentines isn’t just for couples after all. 

So, what are you waiting for? Indulge the inner romantic in you and fill you life with shades of pink, love heart prints and romantic bakes…

Flower wreaths & crowns

Making your own flower crown or wreath is actually easier than you would think, and you can use either fresh or false flowers depending on what you have available to you. All you need is some bendable wire, a glue gun and a bit of creativity. Twist the wire into the shape you want for your crown or wreath (I like the heart shape idea from Pinterest above), then use a hot glue gun to attach flower heads until the wire is completely hidden. 

Heart shaped food

Nothing says Valentines like heart shaped food, so head to your nearest pound shop/discount store/home store and get yourself a heart shaped cookie cutter. You don’t have to just use it for cookies either, you can use it to cut heart shaped bread or toast, make heart shaped eggs (just stand it in a hot pan – unless its plastic – and crack your egg into it) or heart shape cake and brownies. Your food and snacks can become your table decorations!

Floral arrangements

February means that Spring is getting closer and there are more fresh flowers available again; you don’t have to spend a lot to make a beautiful floral arrangements, Tesco, Lidl, Marks & Spencers and pretty much every supermarket stock affordable seasonal blooms that you can use to create your own arrangements. I like the idea above of adding individual flowers or flower heads to glasses and placing them around tea light candles. 

Sweet treats & sprinkles

Don’t have a lot of cash to throw at decorations? As I already said, your food can be your decorations, bonus being that when Valentines is over you’ll have eaten all the decorations and won’t have to find somewhere to store them. Buy some unglazed donuts and decorate them yourself with melted white chocolate, a few drops of red food colour to make it different shades of pink and sprinkles or buy pink and red sweets and scatter them across your table like confetti. 

Edible centrepieces 

I made edible centre pieces for valentines a few years ago, they were very easy to make but looked so well when they were done and were so fun to pick apart, share and eat. You can use a bowl, glass, vase or small flower pot as your base then stuff it with old plastic bags or fabric scraps. Use a hot glue gun to stick sweets (in wrappers of course) onto the plastic or fabric until it’s completely covered. Finally, stick some lollipops or cake pops in between the sweets like flowers. 

Printable menu cards

Save money and have date night at home this Valentines; make it special with your own customised menu cards like the one above. All you have to do once you have planned out the meal you are going to serve to your loved one (or friends) is type the ‘menu’ into google docs or word; centre the text and set the page settings to landscape so that it will be long enough to wrap around your napkin. Print and trim any excess white space, fold around a napkin and secure at the back with some tape. 

Romantic table setting

A great table setting can make a meal feel really special and all you really need is a bit of creativity with the bowls, plates and cups you already own. I find a neutral base is best, so try find a plain table cloth, preferably white. Scatter some confetti and pink and red candy across the table and place your flowers, candles and homemade edible centrepieces down the centre of the table, making sure not to block the line of sight so your guests can see and chat to each other. Next add your plates, stack them from biggest to smallest (reverse order to how they will be used during the meal) and place your napkin menus on top. Make sure your cutlery is clean and free of water marks and then place them to either side of your plates. Place a wine glass and water glass to the upper right of each place setting, if you’re serving bunch replace this with a cup on a saucer. Now you’re ready to entertain and enjoy!

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