Shop NYE Dresses in the Pre-Christmas Sales

End the year in style and save up to 70%!

Without sounding too emotional and sentimental, can you really believe there is only one week left in two-thousand-and-seventeen? It feels like the year has just flown by so quickly, and if things weren’t already moving too fast the sales have already started! I am a bit in shock I have to admit, as the notifications from different online retailers have been filing into my inbox over the last few days announcing the start of their sales; what were once known as the Boxing Day sales (staring on the 26th of December and peaking on the 1st-2nd of January) have now become the ‘winter sales’ and ‘pre-christmas sales’! 

While part of me feels like throwing my hands up and complaining about the fact that I haven’t even opened my Christmas presents and yet the sales have started, the other half of me thinks maybe we fashionistas should take advantage and save ourselves some valuable cash by purchasing a gorgeous New Year’s Eve dress with up to 70% off. 

If you haven’t thought about a NYE dress (I know I normally like to wait until the sales start to see if I can find myself a bargain) then take advantage of these premature sale start dates, order before Christmas and rest assured knowing that your party piece will be delivered in time for New Year’s Eve next week.

Let’s end the year in style ladies!..


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