7 Books to Add to Your Winter Reading List


Winter holidays are for curling up by the fire with a good book, and here are seven of my favourites.

One of my two-thousand-and-seventeen New Year’s resolutions was to make more of an effort to make time for reading, it is something that I am so glad that I stuck to throughout the year because I discovered so many great books. 

When I was younger I never really enjoyed reading that much, for some reason it always seemed like a race or competition of how fast you could finish a book. Now though, it is one of my favourite ways to ‘escape’ the stresses and strains of daily life; a way to learn something I didn’t know before, explore a passion or interest or to visit a fictional world. 

One of my favourite book discoveries this year was the how much I love the writing of author Linwood Barclay; before reading his book No Time for Goodbye, I would never have pinned myself as a crime-thriller lover, but I am obsessed with everything he has written. Since reading No Time for Goodbye I have purchased (and read) four more of his books, and put several more on my Christmas Wishlist; if you want to know where I’ll be spending Christmas Day, it will more than likely be fireside with a new Linwood Barclay novel. 

Find out what other books I have loved and am still loving from this year down below; links to all the books featured can be found in the description box of the video, just following the link to YouTube! 


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