The Ordinary Foundations: Serum vs Coverage


Serum vs. Coverage; a full review of one of the most talked about foundations on the internet.


Deciem, the abnormal beauty company, is fast becoming one of the most talked about beauty brands available online. First their retinoid products took off followed by most of their serums and concentrates, offering an almost ‘too good to be true’ price tag for products and formulas that other companies are charging a bomb for. 

Deciem’s The Ordinary range is making skincare simple and affordable for everyone; packing is gender neutral, formulas are to the point and do exactly as they ‘say on the tin’. 

Then came a make or break moment when the brand announced the launch of their first beauty products: two foundations, one high coverage, one light coverage, with a colour spectrum that offered not only shade choices but undertone choices too. However, with a price tag of only €6.90/£5.90 the question that was on everyone’s minds once again was is it too good to be true?

Last month I ordered one of each of The Ordinary foundations from the Deciem website to test them out against each other as well as all the other foundations I have previously tried, tested and loved. I am excited to finally share my ‘findings’ with you all in this full guide and review of the budget friendly products; the results may surprise you. 



SERUM FOUNDATION €6.70/£5.70 sheer to light dewy 5-8 hours
COVERAGE FOUNDATION €6.90/£5.90 high/full semi-matte 6-10 hours



SERUM FOUNDATION €6.70/£5.70 sheer to light dewy 5-8 hours
NARS SHEER GLOW €39.60/£33 light dewy 6-8 hours
COVERAGE FOUNDATION €6.90/£5.90 high/full semi-matte 6-10 hours
ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR €39/£32.50 high/full matte 10 hours +


You know me, skincare always comes before beauty, but products that are on the border of both? Well, they are my favourite kind of products. The serum foundation is just that, a light weight foundation with consistency of a serum. It is easy to blend and feels weightless on the skin so really is the ideal foundation for everyday wear.

I think when it comes to a sheer foundation there is always the fear of loosing coverage where it’s needed (ie. blemishes and dark circles), but with this foundation you don’t have to compromise; it is lightweight but highly blendable and buildable, so extra coverage can be added where needed. I sometimes like to use this foundation as a concealer because of the fact that it builds without caking. 

The Deciem website states that this has a semi matte finish, but I really feel it has more of a dewy finish which leaves the skin looking healthy and fresh. A little goes a long way with this product, so at such a low price point, it really is a bargain. 


Full coverage foundations can be tricky territory to navigate; some can make you look ‘flat’, others are cakey and there are a few that just don’t live up to their coverage claims at all. My go to full coverage foundation has been Estee Lauder’s Double Wear for a long time, so when I got The Ordinary’s Coverage Foundation it had a lot to live up to if it was going to beat out Double Wear for my top spot. 

Compared to it’s high-end counterparts, The Ordinary’s full coverage foundation is so affordable, yet behaves like a much more expensive product; it is refreshing to come across a product that proves that price point isn’t always equivalent to quality. The coverage is excellent, it is buildable without caking and wears all day long with out fade, peel or need to freshen up. 

I recently wore this for a family event as part of testing it out, and was really impress with how well it looked in photographs too; it has the perfect semi-matte finish for photos, looks healthy and glowing without looking shiny. 

The final verdict…

I can’t get enough of these foundations, I’m utterly blown away with the quality of the products for such a low price point. 

The serum foundation is such a great choice for a day-to-day base, it’s lightweight water based formula means it’s breathable and won’t block your pores as some liquid foundations tend to do.

The full coverage foundation is the first liquid foundation that has even come close to Double Wear in terms of coverage, buildablity and simply high quality product

For those on a budget, or for younger beauty enthusiasts, these foundations are an excellent purchase and won’t let you down. If the price point wasn’t enough of a selling point, the shade choice will be; I don’t think I’ve ever found it so easy to find my shade in a foundation online without having any swatches of the product and get it so right. 

For those of you who are vegan or cruelty free beauty enthusiasts, both foundations are suitable for vegan; I know that Nars is a big loss to the vegan beauty community as of recently, and both these foundations will easily replace your favourites from the brand and tick the cruelty free box too


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