9 Things that made October Better


Hello November, good-bye October. The end of one month and the beginning of a new one means many things, and in the blogosphere one of those things is sharing monthly favourites.

I enjoy sharing my monthly favourites not because it is a cliche blogger thing to do, but because it reminds me to take time to reflect on each month as it goes by and be grateful for the moments and things that made that month great. Gratitude is like a vitamin for the soul.

October was a wonderful month during which Fall came into ‘full bloom’ and the countryside here in Italy became a blaze of colour. October days were long and warm; having grown up in Ireland and spent the last four years in the UK, warm days in October is something I was not used to but very much enjoyed. Now however, as we roll into November and the clocks have gone back, there is a touch of chill in the air and a whisper of winter on the horizon

So, what made your October more enjoyable? What moments and things were you grateful for in the past month? Let me know in the comment section below after you enjoy reading the 9 things that made my month better.

9 Things that made October Better…

1. Stranger Things & Stranger Things 2. I was a little late to the Stranger Things party, I started watching it at least three times in the last year and couldn’t get into it but this month with Stranger Things 2 being released I gave it one last go and committed to watching it… I was hooked within 24 hours! I watched the second season in pretty much one sitting. 

2. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Having heard many great things about Kiehl’s I was eager to try something from the brand and when I saw the Midnight Recovery Concentrate reduced in duty free I had to try it. This face-oil is a blend of different essential oils and really does leave your skin soft and glowing, I found it really great to help my skin recover from travel.

3. #Ophelia. I was home in Ireland when storm Ophelia hit, and it may seem a bit weird to credit a storm that left half the country without water and electricity for days as something that made October better, but sitting at home with no TV, internet or other devices to distract us meant that I really made the most of my time with family. 

4. Lyons Tea. I’ve never been that cliche Irish-person-who-lives-abroad-and-brings-back-a-suitcase-full-of-teabags before, but you just can’t get ‘proper’ tea here in Italy.. so I brought back a box of Lyons Teabags, and three different types of Pukka Tea too.

5. The Ordinary Foundations. I am planning a full review post on these foundations soon so I won’t go into much detail here today, except to say that for such affordably priced foundations they perform like some of my favourite high-end bases.

6. L’oreal Clay Masks. Again, a little late to the party on this one, but having heard so many great reviews about these masks and having used up all my masks I decided to give these budget friendly clay masks a go. I bought the Detox and Glow masks and was not disappointed with the results of either; one of the two is a great dupe for the Glamglow YOUTHMUD mask, can you guess which one?

7. Primark knits and jewellery. It seems to me that every season Primark is upping it’s game; maybe it’s because it’s now an international brand but every time I go into a store I am blown away by the quality and relevance with current trends. All my new knits for #AW17 are from Primark including the super cosy chunky knit mustard cardigan featured in the photos of this post. I am also obsessed with their jewellery at the moment (anyone else think that watch looks similar to a Cluse watch?).

8. The Returned. Another Netflix obsession from the month of October was The Returned; I’m not normally one for scary movies or TV shows but maybe it was the Halloween vibes that had me loving them this month. 

9. Autumn on the lake. Finally, one of the best things about October was watching the leaves on the trees change and enjoying my first autumn on the lake here in Varese; there is something breathtaking about seeing the colours of fall reflected in the stillness of a lake. 

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