#ALLGIRLS | My Style Journey With boohoo.com

boohoo for girls. ALL GIRLS.

When boohoo.com reached out to bloggers to be part of promoting their #allgirls campaign, I couldn’t help but put my hand up and offer to get involved. I have been a loyal customer and regular shopper on boohoo.com since it first became available to shop in Ireland, and the majority of my college closet was sourced from the site. 

Growing up in Ireland, boohoo.com opened up a whole new world of fashion and style to me; it was on top of current trends and made them available to shop from the comfort of your home at really affordable prices. The pieces were always good quality, washed well and lasted a long time. More importantly, unlike many online stores in the earlier days of online shopping, the fit was good; you knew when you ordered a 10, 12 or whatever size it was going to fit pretty much the same as the other pieces you had ordered in that size. For me, having always been so self-conscious about my body shape and how clothes fit me, this gave me a lot of confidence when shopping to experiment with different styles and step outside my comfort zone. 

Recently I made the decision that I wanted to put more of ‘myself’ into La Bella, and to create content that shares my personal style and how I currently like to interpret trends. It seemed only fitting, in a full circle kind of way, to collaborate with boohoo.com, share their #allgirls style campaign and give a little love back to the brand that gave me the confidence to find my own personal style. 

“Girls come in all shapes & sizes. Some light up a room & some hide in the shadows. Some are bold & others quietly confident.”



#allgirls is about celebrating the individuality of women, their personalities and person style. It is about making fashion accessible to all types of girls; tall, short, curvy or petite. More than that it is about celebrating girl power, reminding us all how the girls (and women) of today are shaping the world of tomorrow. 

boohoo.com want to make fashion accessible and fun, and are absolutely inclusive of all shapes and sizes. boohoo.com is for girls. ALL GIRLS.

Your style is what makes you, you, whatever that may be and look like. There are no rules. Whether your personal uniform is made up of dresses, denim or sports wear, boohoo has something that will fit your style, your lifestyle and you! 

So, what are you waiting for? Express your personal style, celebrate your shape and join the all girl crew! Get involved by sharing your boohoo.com style and using the hashtag #allgirls on Twitter and Instagram


“We see you. boohoo recognises individuality. We embrace it.”


    • laura_labella
      15/10/2017 / 1:39 pm

      I’m so glad you like it! Such a great campaign message, which is why I was so eager to share it!

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