10 Things that made September Better

You know it’s fall when you go to the park specifically to collect leaves for your autumnal flat-lays; it’s also time to collect some wood for the fire, fill your closet with cosy knits and head to Starbucks for autumn cups!… Hello October, its good to see you again. On a side note, since counting things down has become a new hobby of mine, there are only ninety days left in 2017, and only eighty-three days to Christmas (yes, I went there!). 

But back to the present, I can’t believe how quickly September has gone by, I also can’t believe that it’s been over two months since I left London! I am slowly starting to adjust to life here in Italy, and I have to say having days where it still hits 25°C in late September is nothing to turn your nose up at; there’s also the constant supply of pizza, pasta and pastries that have caused the healthy eating routines to fly out the window a bit. From a blogging point of view, September was a very busy and productive month; I know that some people probably think I’m a bit daft for giving up my day job and moving country in order to make a go at blogging professionally, but I am starting to see it (slowly but surely) paying off. I loved working with REN Clean Skincare to create a review of their amazing Perfect Canvas Priming Serum (read full post), and celebrating Biscuiteers 10th birthday with their Icon Collection biscuit tins (read full post). 

Here are ten more things that I have been loving over the past month…


1. Rewatching FriendsWhile there are somethings that are no longer available to us on Netflix since we moved to Italy, there are other things that weren’t available in the UK, one of which being all ten seasons of Friends! I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed that I rewatched the whole series in just over a month, but nothing beats that cosy feeling of PJs, tea (or coffee) and and few episodes of Friends.

2. Linwood Barclay books. I mentioned Linwood Barclay in my last book club post back at the beginning of the Summer and since then I have been hooked! This month I read the last two books in his Promise Falls trilogy; this might not seem like a big deal to some, but it usually takes me about a month to read one book and I got through The Twenty-Three in just a week! 

3. New skincare finds. I love me a good dose of new skincare products, especially when they turn out to be better than expected and come with a low price tag. I finally tried out the L’oreal clay masks and was over the moon to discover the Pure Clay Charcoal is a €10/£6 dupe for the Glam Glow Youthmud mask (€49/£42). I also discovered an amazing Italian skincare brand, Acqua alle Rose, that make rosewater products; rose is one of my favourite scents so applying their Vitamin E revitalising moisturising gel daily is heaven!

4. Falling in love with old skincare favourites again. As much as I love new skincare finds, there is something to be said about repurchasing a product you know and love, for me that was stocking up on Clinique 3-Step and remembering just how good the Mild Cleansing Soap is for sensitive skin and stubborn make-up.

5. Finally getting L’Oreal’s Nude Magique cushion foundation in my shade. Yes, FINALLY! Every time I looked for a L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation either in store or online I could NEVER find it in my shade, but last month I finally did and it was well worth the wait. 

6. Creating my Perfect Canvas. I didn’t think I could love REN Skincare anymore than I already did, and then a sample of Perfect Canvas arrived in the mail. I’m not going to go into much detail because you can read a full review here, but this product is utterly amazing and will change your life (no, I’m not being dramatic, it’s really that good)!

7. A hairdryer that actually tames my hair. This was an accidental find, but the Philips ThermoProtect Hairdryer is the only hairdryer that I have ever used that doesn’t make my hair frizzy, but instead tames it and with minimal effort too. This hairdryer made my life so much easier this month.

8. Bath & Body Works candles. I nearly fell off the escalator in Il Centro shopping centre in Milan when the blue and white gingham print of the Bath & Body Works store caught my eye! Yes, Bath & Body Works candles are available in Italy! The classic 3-wick candles retail at €23, so not the cheapest choice but a little luxury for fall (and of course Christmas when the time comes). 

 9. Multipurpose beauty. We spend enough money on beauty and skincare ladies, we want to know we are getting the most out of our products. I have been loving beauty products that do more than just one thing like Clinique’s Chubby Plump & Shine glosses that not only add a subtle pop of colour to your lips, but also make them look more plump and leave them feeling soft and nourished after. I’ve also found that L’Oreal’s True Match Le Blush monos double up to make great eyeshadows. 

10. Fashion Week fever. From the street style, to the sparkles I don’t know whether I am more excited about the current trends for AW17 or what’s coming for SS18! Catchup on Fashion Week here

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