REN Perfect Canvas: Better Skin in a Bottle


Experience the ultimate skin perfecting serum with REN Skincare’s revolutionary silicone free primer.

If you have followed me for a while then  you’ll know what a huge fan I am of REN Skincare; this brand creates the most amazing, revolutionary skincare products, the kind of products that once you’ve tried them you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. So, you can imagine my excitement when I got wind that REN were working on their first beauty/skincare product, a product that embodies what I believe beauty should be: great skincare leaving your skin in amazing condition to make way for more make-up free days. 

My philosophy is start with your skin, invest in your skincare routine (both time and money) and the amount of make-up you need will dramatically reduce. So many beauty influencers rave about the need for so called luxury beauty products, and extreme high-coverage foundations and concealers to achieve flawless looking skin.  I believe that continuously using products like that on an everyday basis (there is a time and a place people) only results in more skin problems to cover up; so, start with your skin, give it love and it will glow. 

When I read about Perfect Canvas, I wanted to hug the person (or people) at REN Skincare’s labs and thank them for creating such an amazing product; Perfect Canvas is where skincare meets beauty, the last step in your skincare routine and the first in your beauty routine rolled into one, bridging the gap and making way for amazing, flawless skin. So, what are you waiting for? Take the #PerfectCanvas 14 day challenge today and discover your best self(ie)! 


My first impression of the serum is that it is surprisingly light-weight for a ‘primer’, this excites me because it really is a beauty product that has been developed with skin comfort and care as a priority. Because it is a silicone free priming product I expect the serum to soak in and I’m not sure what to expect in terms of how my skin will feel after application. The serum soaks in and feels refreshing, almost like applying a gel product; the skin feel surprisingly smoother after just one application of a few drops of the product. Today I try it out with my favourite L’oreal True Match Foundation; there is no difference in how the product goes on, but as the day goes on I notice my foundation stays put better than normal even through it is a hot day. I normally expect a bit of slip and slide when using primers, but this one isn’t like your average primer. 


I have been using Perfect Canvas for a few days now, it works great with both liquid foundation and powder products. Today I decide to put it to the test by using it with a foundation that is super light coverage and that when I have used it in the past, isn’t very longwear at all. I love MAC’s Next to Nothing Foundation because it is so lightweight, but I only wear it if I know I only need make-up on for a few hours at max; I have tried it with other primers in the past but found that it doesn’t blend as well and dries patchy. I am a bit nervous trying this foundation with Perfect Canvas since I’ve had such bad experiences with it and other primers in the past, but I am pleasantly surprised when it blends better than ever and looks super smooth. The foundation stays put all day (from 10am to 8pm) and holds it’s dewy finish; I am very impressed. 


It’s been a week since I started using Perfect Canvas as part of my daily skincare and beauty routine and I am utterly in love already; I am impressed everyday by how smooth my skin looks and how much better my make-up stays in place. Since yesterday I have noticed a few small breakouts on my chin, which could just be hormone related, but since Perfect Canvas is the only new product I introduced to my routine I will be keeping a close eye on this over the next week. Because the product is packed with bio-active ingredients there is a a chance that this breakout is due to my skin detoxing and improving itself from within. 


Over the past two weeks I have tested Perfect Canvas with pretty much every foundation in my collection, I have even tried it with only powder products and it hasn’t disappointed once. Because I have used it with foundations I know and love well, I know how they normally behave on my skin and have noticed the difference when Perfect Canvas is applied before hand. No matter the product, Perfect Canvas helps my make-up grip to my skin and stay put throughout the day, even when just used with powder products. 

Any breakouts that were showing at the end of last week have cleared, and my skin looks and feels smooth and healthy. Since starting to use Perfect Canvas I have progressively needed less make-up day by day because the overall complexion of my skin is more even and needs less coverage. I have even noticed that my under-eye bags are less noticeable and that when needed, concealer blends more easier into this area to a smooth finish. 

I love that Perfect Canvas feels more like a skincare product than make-up, it doesn’t have that classic slick or greasy feel that other primers do; when I apply it I can almost feel it soaking into my skin and working to care for it all day under my make-up! This has quickly become a staple product in my routine and I can’t see myself without it anytime soon. 





The probiotic extract helps speed epidermal growth and helps to reinforce the skins natural barrier. Basically put this powerful ingredient helps your skin make the proteins it needs for skin structure faster and therefore results in smoother looking skin. It helps keep the skin hydrated which is essential for an even complexion and plump, healthy looking skin. Finally it helps with the skin’s natural defences by boosting the production of the skin’s natural antimicrobial peptides to fight bad bacteria, which means happier, clearer skin.


Hyaluronans are great, you definitely want these in your skin; not only do they help increase and hold moisture in the skin they also help strengthen the skin barrier and boost the production of elastin. This means wrinkles appear filled and you are slowing the chances of new wrinkles developing, it also has a short-term ‘lifting’ effect, so basically a face-lift in a bottle. 


Inulin comes from Agave Trequilana and is responsible for the amazing silky smooth feel of Perfect Canvas; it helps the spreadability of the product and acts as a natural filler. It also acts a prebiotic, feeding the good bacteria within the skin. 


The α-glucans in Perfect Canvas help to balance the flora on the skin; they help to encourage the growth of skin-friendly bacteria which in turn reduces the amount of undesirable bacteria found on the skin’s surface. Less bad bacteria means less breakouts.


  1. It will improve the performance of you make-up regardless of whether they are drugstore products or luxury. In fact, it will make budget foundations behave like high end products.
  2. It helps your make-up grip on, no more slip and slide days. Forget setting sprays, this product helps your make-up stay in place all day long. 
  3. Your skin can breathe! This product feels like a skincare product, because it is a skincare/beauty hybrid; you will need less product and therefore feel less caked up. Because it contains no silicone your pores aren’t going to be clogged or block and you won’t feel like clawing your face off after a day of wearing make-up from morning until night. 
  4. It works hard while you work. This product won’t just be sitting around on your face all day doing nothing, it’s bio-active ingredients will be working hard on and under the surface of your skin to keep it healthy, hydrated and glowing. 
  5. It creates a perfect canvas, providing a smooth surface to create a flawless make-up look. Your beauty products will blend out better and easier, achieving that ‘airbrushed’ look we all strive for. 



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