5 Ways to Bring Fall into your Home

Is it too early for fall mood boards and inspirational posts? I think not! I spent way too long last night scrolling through Pinterest and adding to my AW17 board, so I think it’s only acceptable to share some autumnal inspiration here on the blog too. I have been watching some Instastories from people living in the UK and am very jealous that autumn leaves are already showing there as it’s still quite summery here in Italy, although I have to say that the temperature is slowly starting to drop, especially in the evenings and I am looking forward to colder days when I can light a log fire in our fireplace!

Since it’s not looking very Autumnal yet outside I’ve been thinking about ways I can bring that Fall feeling into my home, as I think decorating your house is no longer only reserved for Christmas and Halloween and it is totally acceptable to have fall decor. So, even if it’s just to get some cosy feelings inspiration, here are five simple ways to make your home feel more fall ready…


The smell of PSLs is in the air…

Want to instantly make your home feel (and smell) cosier? Autumnal scented candles are your first step and probably the easiest way to achieve that. We all know that Bath & Body Works are known for their amazing selection of fall scented candles, but if you can’t get your hands on some of their 3-wick wonders Yankee Candles also do a great selection of Autumnal scents and are more widely available. Alternatively you can make your own autumn scents, check out my candle make guide here. If you don’t want to make candles then you can make a ‘scent pot’ instead; simply add some orange rind, cloves, cinnamon sticks and bay leaves into a pot with some water, bring to the boil and wait for your house to smell amazing!


Because spray paint isn’t just for street artists…

Autumn is squash season and soon your local supermarket shelves will be piled high with butternut squash and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. While it might be too early to carve out a jack-o-latern (but not too early to bake pumpkin pie if you ask me), you can use a mix of regular pumpkin and munchkin pumpkins to add a touch of fall to your home. Make them more ‘chic’ by spray painting them in colours to match your interior decor; it’s an easy and very effective way to create a homemade centrepiece or mantle decorations, just follow this guide I shared a few years ago. Add some fairy lights, maybe a scattering of leaves and vola, Autumnal magic and decorations that look amazing yet cost very little. 


Snuggle weather is here!

I love keeping a blanket on the couch for snuggly evenings in watching Netflix regardless what time of year it is. Blankets, throws and scarves are a great way to add texture to a room and make it feel cosier as we transition from the light airiness of summer. Fold some check blankets over the back of your couch or across the armrest; choose colours that match or compliment your current colour scheme so that they don’t look out of place. Look for some neutral toned or autumnal themed bedding to warm up your bedroom, then add a chunky knit throw to the end of the bed. Fold or drape some checked scarves over the back of your dining room tables or use them as table runners. Finally, go all out with some chunky knit, cosy cushions and scatter them on the couch, bed or by the fireplace if you have one.


The best decor is right outside your door…

You don’t have to spend a lot to achieve an Autumnal look in your home, in fact you really don’t have to spend anything at all if you think a little creatively and use what’s right on hand or just outside your door (literally). The best decorations for fall are all the things you find in nature that make fall so naturally beautiful in the firsts place; head out for a walk with some plastic bags and collect leaves, chestnuts, acorns, twigs, pinecones, whatever you find. Once you get it home be sure to dry it all out so that it lasts and doesn’t go mouldy, it’s also I good idea to press the leaves for a few days by placing them between some sheets of baking paper and leaving them under some heavy books. You can scatter leaves on tables and coffee tables, use twigs and leaves in the place of flowers in vases and string acorns and chestnuts up with fairy lights. 


Be your own barista!

Finally, you can’t start fall without some seasonal beverages be it a pumpkin spice latte, chai latte or just a good old cosy cup of tea. However, popping into your local Starbucks on the way to work every morning is not always the most economical choice so why not learn to make your favourite autumnal drink at home and share it with someone you love. My favourite is a cup of chai tea latte, see the recipe to the right to recreate it yourself at home.

Chai Tea Latte
Prep time
Total time
Forget the pumpkin spice latte, my favourite seasonal drink is the Chai tea latte. If you can't get out to Starbucks for one, then it's really easy to make your own!
Recipe type: Drinks
Serves: 2 lattes
  • Chai teabags
  • Maple syrup/Agave nectar
  • Milk/Plant Milk (oat milk is my favourite)
  • Powdered cinnamon
  1. In a small teapot brew 2-3 (depending on how strong a flavour you want) chai teabags in boiling water for 3-4 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile froth the milk using a milk foamer. Alternatively, if you don't have a milk foamer you can use a french press; simply pour a cup of your chosen milk into the jug and froth the milk by pumping the press up and down a few times until bubbles form, then place the jug in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm the milk and hold the foam.
  3. Add a teaspoon of either maple syrup or agave nectar to two mugs. Half fill each mug with the tea, then top up with the foamed milk.
  4. Finally, sprinkle some cinnamon on top to garnish. Cosy socks and blankets optional.



  1. 11/09/2017 / 6:23 pm

    Lovely, cosy post. I am looking forward for autumn and all the pretty colours. I hope I manage to take lots of pictures.
    Scented candles and cosy jumpers/scarves are my favourite for Autumn.


    • laura_labella
      11/09/2017 / 8:42 pm

      Thank you Elise, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and it made you feel cosy and ready for Fall!

    • laura_labella
      19/09/2017 / 2:08 pm

      Hi Yana! Thank you for reading, I’m so glad you like the post! Happy decorating and if you try out any of these ideas in your home this Fall be sure to tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see! (@la_bella_blog)

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