10 Things you can do at home to feel more Pampered




Hands up who needs a spa day? Yes, me too… Taking time out for yourself, to pamper yourself is something we all love but don’t often make the time to do. Going to a spa or just booking a weekend away gives us something to look forward to, to build up to and we know when we get there that we can forget about work and most of our problems for at least a few hours while we sit back and relax with herbal teas in the steam room. 

However, a spa weekend is a luxury that not every woman can afford to do as often as she needs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the time and space to recreate the same relaxing atmosphere at home. There’s just a few things you have to do so that you can feel more pampered from you own home, and yes, one of them will require you to shut off you smartphone!


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1. Put it in your diary.

If you were going away for a weekend, or even just booked yourself in for a massage and mani-pedi, you would mark into your diary so as not to double book yourself or let anything get in the way of your ‘me time’. So, why not do the same if you’re planning your me time at home? Book it in and don’t reschedule it unless you really have to. 

2. Turn off your phone. 

If you were on a spa break, you wouldn’t bring your phone into the jacuzzi or steam room with you now would you? So why have it with you during your stay-at-home spa session? Switch it off, and leave it off; the world of social media will not collapse without you for an hour or two.

3. Create an atmosphere.

Tidy up before your me time so there’s no clutter around, then light some scented candles and incense, put on some relaxing music, close the curtains and really get in the mood to chill.

4. Run a luxurious bubble bath.

Find every scented bubble bath and bath oil you have, get out the Lush bath bombs and bubble bars and run yourself the bubbliest, most luxurious bath you have, no expenses spared!


5. Make a herbal tea.

Pick out your favourite fruity or herbal tea and make a pot of it, just for you. Continuously sip while you steep in your bubble bath. 

6. Put on a face mask.

Prepare in advance and head to Boots or Superdrug to stock up on your favourite face masks or sheet masks, then pop one on (or a few different ones at the same time if you want to go all out and multi-mask) and let it work it’s magic on your complexion. Wash of gently with a damp, warm muslin cloth to exfoliate as well as massage the face and boost circulation.


7. Give yourself a mani-pedi.

Post-bublebath is the perfect time to give yourself a fresh coat of paint on the old fingers and toes. Pick out your favourite colour and really take your time to get it just right. You could even apply a new set of false nails.

8. Nibble on some fresh fruit.

Chop up some fruit, or buy a box of prepared fruit salad and nibble on some fresh fruit goodness as you sip your tea, just like in a real spa. Maybe go that extra mile and melt a little chocolate to dip some strawberries in.


9. Slather on some body oil. 

After you get out of your long (and I mean very loooooong) bubblebath, make sure to moisturise. A dry oil is a luxurious touch and will feel just like spa; take your time putting it on, rubbing it into tense muscles. Wrap yourself up in a fluffy dressing gown and slippers after to really let it soak in and lock in the moisture for baby soft skin the next day. 

10. Don’t watch the clock.

This is your time, so don’t waste it looking at a clock, thinking about putting on a load of laundry or finishing your bath in time for your favourite TV show. Just sit back, switch off and unwind; the laundry can be done tomorrow, you can catch up on your shows online, the world will keep spinning and trust me, you’ll feel so much better for taking the time to pamper yourself. 


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