Why You Should Choose Biscuiteers this Father’s Day


Hand-baked, hand-iced edible gift perfection; why look anywhere else other than Biscuiteers this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is only two weeks away, and as with any gifting holiday the question arises, what to buy and from where? When it comes to buying for the man who raised you, where do you even start; what do you get the man who has everything that still says ‘I love you’? However, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and that’s just one of the reasons that you should choose Biscuiteers for Father’s Day this year. 

Biscuiteers have been creating unique biscuits and biscuit collection tins since 2007, perfectly hand-crafted to capture the hearts and the tastebuds of the receiver and their Father’s Day collections are no different, the perfect combination of nostalgia and sweetness that any daddy would be hard pressed not to smile at. So why should you choose Biscuiteers for your Father’s Day gifts this year?


Bespoke & Personalised

Everyone loves a touch of personalisation these days, especially when it comes to gifting. Biscuiteers makes it possible to not only personalise your Father’s Day gift, but to make it unique too with their bespoke options

Cute & Quirky

Biscuiteers collections are utterly unique, cute and quirky. Their Father’s Day collections included a tin of car shaped biscuits, biscuits shapes like DIY toolsMr. Men biscuit cards and even a giant tin of personalised toolbox chocolates

Made with Love

In our modern 21st century world it’s hard to find businesses that work to keep things personal and capture that homemade essence, especially in the food industry. Biscuiteers however, are all about the personal human touch; all their biscuits are hand baked and iced by their master Biscuiteers, making sure that each and every individual biscuit is made, iced and boxed with love. 


Taste as Good as they Look

Can a hand-iced, paint brush shaped biscuit really taste as good as it looks? Yes it can! Biscuiteers not only always deliver on presentation and design, but on taste too. Their biscuits are crumbly, sweet and too good to leave lying around. 

Use the Tin Again

A perfect place for dad to put his loose ends and bits and pieces, or turn the tin into a toolbox. You could even get really creative and upcycle the tin into a planter or a succulent garden

Perfect with a Cup of Tea

What better way to spend Father’s Day then sharing a cup of tea and a tin of biscuits with your Dad, it’s the perfect way to get the conversation rolling; Biscuiteers are the perfect ingredient to a very happy Father’s Day. 



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