Summer is Calling | How to get that Summer Glow


How to get a Summer glow in time for holiday season!


Finally, after months of heavy coats, scarves and hats, the weather broke this past week in London to reveal blue skies, sunshine and temperatures in the high twenties! It took a long time coming this year, but Summer is here and was just in time for the bank holiday weekend too. 

However, one thing I have noticed about when the sun comes out (on the rare occasion that it does) in the UK or Ireland, is that people are so crazy to get a sun kissed glow that they are happy to let themselves get burned. For me this is like the person who knows how bad smoking is for them, yet still continues to do it; going out in the sun, however rare it is, without some kind of sun protection is very bad for your skin and you will regret it later, and I don’t just mean later in the evening when the sunburn flares up, I mean later in life when the sun damage is evident. 

Getting a sun kissed summer glow shouldn’t be difficult, it doesn’t even require direct sun exposure if you are wise in the beauty products that you choose to help you achieve it. From a glowing complexion right down to sunkissed, legs-out-ready pins, you can look bronzed and glowing in time for holiday season or any Summer time events you are attending, just follow my tried and tested tips. 



Wear Suncream

A lot of people believe you have to burn before you can tan, and therefore are happy to go out in the sun, regardless of what country they are in, with no suncream. More so in the UK and Ireland, I have often heard people say when the weather is good that you don’t need suncream, the sun’s not the same as it is in somewhere like Spain. Unless it wasn’t already very obvious, it’s the same sun that shines here in Ireland or the UK as it is everywhere else in the world, and we are actually more likely to burn because of the fact that our skin isn’t use to prolonged sun exposer. Wear suncream. It’s not very difficult to put some on in the mornings or carry a mini in your hand bag to pop on your shoulders if you happen to sit out in the sun. Protect your skin, it will thank you for it and you’ll be thankful when you don’t have to deal with premature signs of ageing! 

My current favourite: Clinique Fragrance Free SPF4o



Fake it until you make it!

You don’t need to sit out in the sun for hours in order to achieved a sun kissed look; a good quality bronzer, applied well, will have just as good an effect. If you’re very fair skinned, look for a false tan that has a ‘subtle glow’ or is specifically for fairer skin. Alternatively, choose something that is ‘buildable’; I personally like L’oreal’s Sublime Bronze Elixir as it is an overnight tan and you choose how bronze you want to be by how many consecutive nights you use it, after that it lasts for up to 2 weeks. 

My current favourite: L’oreal’s Sublime Bronze Tanning Elixir

Mix your own Foundation

Summer is a tricky time for make-up, especially foundation; you want something that stays in place but is light on those hot days. My solution? Mix your own cocktail until you find perfection. I love Estée Lauder double wear because it doesn’t budge once you put it on and also has an SPF 25, however it is a very thick and heavy formula. I like to mix a pump of Double Wear with a pump of my favourite face cream and 3-4 drops of La Mer Renewal Oil; the moisturiser lightens the formula and the facial oil gives a dewy finish that looks very sun kissed and summery. 

My current favourite: Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation + La Mer Renewal Oil + Olay Hydrate and Radiance 

Look after you Lips

Dry chapped lips? Not good. Just as so many people underestimate the effect of applying a hand cream regularly, people underestimate the effect of keeping your lips moisturised and protected from the sun. I recently rediscovered the healing power of Blistex Relief Cream and Moisture Cream for lips; I carry it with me in my bag all the time now, apply regularly throughout the day as well as part of my morning and nighttime skincare routine. My lips aren’t chapped, look plumped and my lipstick goes on smoother and lasts longer. Add a coral lip colour if you really want to make your tan pop!

My current favourite: Blistex Relief Cream + Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Papaya

Finishing Touches.

Step up your summer glow and vibes with a brush of a subtle bronzer and highlighter to your cheeks and hair line and anywhere the sun would naturally bronze. Finally spritz on a summery fragrance (make sure to only apply to your clothes if you are going out in the sun) and feel fresh and ready to go, even if there’s no beach to go to!

My current favourtite: Jo Malone Star Magnolia + Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Santa Barbara

What are your top tips for glowing Summer skin? Leave a comment below to let me know.




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