How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer ft. Jo Malone London

how to make your perfume last longer

Capture the scent of Summer with Jo Malone’s limited edition Star Magnolia collection.

After lipstick, perfume is one of my favourite beauty products; I can’t get enough of it and love perfume shopping to try new brands and scents. Something that’s really important to me, and I think anyone who wears and collects fragrances, is getting value for my money; I want to make the scent last as long as I can and not spend the whole day continuously spritzing myself so the fragrance is still prominent.

This Summer, and all year round, make your perfume go that extra mile with Jo Malone Cologne and NEW hairs mists. Layer up the summery scent of Star Magnolia, so that it streams tropical vibes as your hair flutters in the breeze, and makes the scent of summer last all day long. With a few tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way you will be sure that you are getting the most out of your perfume collection. 

Eau de Parfum

Ever wondered what’s the difference between a fragrance that is an EDT and an EDP? Very simply it’s the concentration of the fragrance; EDT perfumes are more diluted and therefore aren’t as long lasting as an EDP (Eau de Parfum). Understanding this was one of the best tricks I learned about fragrances, especially when it comes to shopping designer fragrances; if you can, go for an Eau de Parfum, it will last longer and often has a stronger scent, you will get much more for your money and find yourself topping up your scent a lot less. 

Start with a Lotion

A great way to make your perfume last all day is to build it up; start with a body lotion or oil in the same scent before you get dressed so that the fragrance really soaks in. Applying a scented lotion is actually much better for your skin than applying a perfume directly onto it. Jo Malone do a great range of body crèmes in the same scent as most of their Colognes, you could even add an extra layer of fragrance by using a body wash or bath oil in the same scent too. 


Layer Up

The natural instinct is to apply your perfume last, to your wrists and neck as so many do, however, if you really want to make the fragrance last, the best place to spritz is actually your clothes. Start with your underwear, before you even get dressed, then once your dressed mist yourself in another layer of scent. Finally spritz a layer on your scarf or jacket and you’re good to go for the day. 

Add it to your Hair

Even though I know it’s not the best for my hair, I’ve always loved adding a layer of perfume once I finish styling. Now though, thanks to Jo Malone, I can add a layer of scent to my hair and enjoy the extra added bliss of knowing it’s good for it! The Star Magnolia Hair Mist is loaded with nourishing and conditioning ingredients to give your hair a healthy shine and scent that will last all day long. 

Carry a Mini

I love that Jo Malone do a 30ml handbag size of all their fragrances, it makes topping up your scent on the go so much easier. There is no worries of your favourite perfume bottle weighing down your handbag or even worse, breaking in your bag, because you can carry the mini. 

The limited edition Star Magnolia Collection is available from Jo Malone retailers and Travel Retail locations now while stocks last. 

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